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About the City: Rabkavi-Banahatti City is located about 90 km from the district city of Bagalkot and very close to the Krishna river. This City comprises four places: Rabkavi, Banahatti, Rampur & Hosur. It is a quite and peaceful place. Primarily it is an agricultural outpost, but fabric spinning mills are commonly found here. It is well known for its 'The Banahatti Co-op Spinning Mill' since established from 1980. 'Rabkavi-Banahatti sarees' produced here are very popular all around the Karnataka and are transported to all over India.

About the City Municipal Council: The Town Municipal Council was established on 18.04.1952 and was converted to City Municipal Council on 04.09.1995 by the Govt of Karnataka. The Government of Karnataka has awarded the 3rd prize to this ULB as the 'Best Municipality' in the state for the year 1996-97, and 2nd prize for achivements in Energy Conservation for the year 2008-09.

COMPUTERIZATION: We are very happy to intimate the citizens of Rabkavi-Banahatti city that, we have computerized the collection of Property Tax , Birth and Death certificates from 1990 to till date under state Government Nirmala Nagar computerization scheme, from now on wards citizens are requested to visit the citizen service centre at the office for registration and getting of Birth and Death certificates by paying service fee. Citizens are requested to make use of this facility.

This Page is Maintained By: Municipal Commissioner, CMC , Rabkavi-Banahatti.